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Meet Narissa

Online Book A Cup Full of wishes by narissa lila sawh

Narissa Lila Sawh was born in Toronto, Canada, and was raised in Trinidad until her early teenage years. Her experiences in a large family in the Caribbean shaped, and continue to shape, her appreciation of the diversity of childhood and of life itself.  Guided by family and extended family, she realised that all adults have a role to play in the development of all children – that it does take a village.

As an avid world traveller, a trip to Bali took her on a journey of personal reflection and resilience, and was also a reminder to see the glory of things through the heart.  It was this realisation that led her to create something that captured the essence of the innocent joy of childhood.

A Cup Full of Wishes is her first book in a collection, all of which are created as playful and whimsical stories for adults to share with all those young hearts and beaming faces who see magic in every day!

Narissa currently lives in Toronto and works in the IT sector.